Logica headquarters is the first completed building in a complex of three office buildings. It is formed of two rational wings and the building’s height glass-covered internal courtyard between them. The schema of the facades is composed of an alternating materialism of the Terracotta fa├žade system and the immaterial trans-
parency of the curtain wall.

The building’s basic form and materials have consciously been designed for the greatest possible exploitation of natural light in workspace lighting and a lightness and transparency of the architectural appearance.

Brightness, opening up the landscape and clearly formed spaces are characteristic of the interior design. The glass-roofed courtyard is the spatial and functional heart of the building. It brings together the streams of people and encourages human encounters.

The workspace is designed to be flexible and to adapt for continuous change. Office floors and partition systems have been designed in such a way that allows the office to be customized quickly, at low cost in order to meet the needs of the present.