The development of the Lommila district, near Espoo centre, is carried out in public and private sector collaboration. The land use goal is to create a higher-level services and job concentration on the industrial and business area bounded by a motorway junction.

The project consists of construction of a shopping centre, office blocks and the city’s pit area. The area will be built in phases so, that the first stage will involve the shopping centre with necessary traffic arrangements.

The objective is to design an impressive and distinctive entity, which stands out in a busy traffic environment as a clear-cut urban area. The shopping centre has two floors and the office quarters six floors. At the western peak of the office quarters there is a 16 storey office tower, which functions as a landmark for the whole area.

The design of the Lommila district aims at ecologically sustainable solutions. The narrow flowing river and its environs, east of the shopping centre, will be preserved in its natural state.