Suurpelto area in Espoo is designed for 10 000 residents and 10 000 work places. It is the most eminent development project in the capital area today, and it has a highly accessible and efficient transport strategy.

Suurpelto will be a Finnish reference for DigiEcoCity, a unique Nordic city format enabling sustainable development of new digital cities. It combines the multiformity of living, working, lifelong learning, public and private services and culture and leisure.

Essential to the city format is Mixed Use, which is based on concentration of diverse activities instead of traditional grouping and separation of functions. Incorporating businesses, commercial and institutional facilities with residential areas will allow people to live close to their workplaces and services, and thereby to reduce the travel needs.

Design of Suurpelto aims at ecologically sustainable reactive solutions providing energy efficiency at both the building and community level. Digitally integrated highly interactive information systems are utilized to provoke proactive urban solutions enabling efficient logistics, new combinations of working and living as well as increasing functional diversity.

Suurpelto will have two focal points differing spatially and functionally. The Promenade has an urban quality with architectural diversity and functional versatility creating a lively heart to the area. The park area, comprising of over 30 hectares of meticulously detailed landscape will be suited to various leisure activities adjoining to Espoo’s existing extensive park network. The parkland will be fringed by environmentally friendly housing in diverse architectural and housing type combinations and private gardens.