Radiolinja’s office block is located in Espoo, next to the headquarter buildings of Nokia, Kone and Fortum. The façades are charac-
terised by transparency, illumination and the movement of the panoramic lifts.

In the work spaces the objective has been to maximise the amount of natural light. The work spaces are designed to be easily adapted to the constant changes of office work. The partition wall systems and the technical systems of the building make it possible to modify the office spaces quickly and at low cost, to meet the requirements of the work at any time.

The building has eight storeys plus a basement and a roof level. The building provides work space for about 1000 people. Parking spaces are located in the parking garage that forms the joint pedestal of Kone’s and Radiolinja’s buildings.

Double skin glass façades form the external walls of the building. The toughened glass panes are supported on a horizontal frame structure. The air in the intermediate space can be used for heating and cooling purposes as required. The inner glass wall is fabricated from triple sealed insulating glass.