Municipality built the library, several other services and the shopping centre, to ensure the availability of services in rapidly growing Oulunsalo.

The long, curved shape fa├žade of the shop-
ping centre, covered with pale blue metallic plates, is the most conspicuous part of the building. Flat-roofed library box is clad with graphite grey ceramic plates.

The tall advertising pylon, placed in the corner of the two main roads, has been designed by sculptor Antero Toikka. The goal has been to develop a positive inter-
pretation of a generally visually disturbing issue.

The building interior has been designed using warm materials and colours. Particular attention has been paid to sufficient natural lighting and the quality of natural and artificial light.

The indoor street of the shopping centre is two storeys high. On the ground level there are various commercial premises of different sizes. In the second floor there is a dentist centre and office premises.