The land use plan designed simultaneously with the town planning process of the area, and it has been developed in close collabo-
ration with Espoo City Planning Depart-
ment. The planning area is situated on the motorway 10 km west of Helsinki. It is bordered on three sides by a park and on one side by a motorway.

The central urban space is formed along the main road of the district, where all the services and jobs have been centralized. The aim was to give the road an urban charac-
ter, which is emphasized by a shopping centre with its residential and office towers placed on the west side of the road (see Iso Omena).

The residential blocks on the west and east side of the planning area have been designed to fit into the varying terrain heights. The continuous park in the middle of the eastern area provides easy access to the natural surroundings. Different types of housing have been used to create a versatile living environment: terraced houses, tower blocks, small apartment buildings etc.

Besides functioning as a noise barrier against the motorway, the office buildings form a new horizontal motif for the district.