Martela is Finland’s largest provider of furniture for public spaces. The head-
quarters office building serves also as an exhibition space for furniture, which gives the interior an open character.

The square based building has a high central lobby, which is surrounded by four office units dimensioned for teamwork. Bridges running over the lobby connect the office units to each other.

The three office floors of the building are behind a double façade. The internal and the external envelope are glazed from the bottom to the top to ensure maximum light in the work spaces.

The space between the glazed skins acts as an active part of building’s total ventilation and excess heat control system. The vents at the top and bottom of the outer skin are automatically controlled, and supply air to the air conditioning plant, remove excess heat from the glazing system and provide smoke venting in the intermediate space. The fans in the corners of the intermediate space transfer air from the heated side to the cold side and vice versa, depending on the season and the heat load. The two-part slatted curtains in the intermediate space are also controlled automatically to eliminate excess heat loads and glare.