Marja-Vantaa district centre was to be planned for the city of Vantaa north of Helsinki. The aim was to outline a holistic solution, ensuring diversity of functions, high quality of urban environment, efficient land use, economy and feasibility in stages. A particular objective was also to give the Centre a prominent location along an important motorway and railway line.

The design of Marja-Vantaa Centre area forms a clear urban entity, the functional spine of which are two axes crossing each other: Along the line runs the services axis and perpendicular to it the park axis. In the intersection point of these axes is the most important urban space, Marja-Vantaa market place. The shopping and service centre, with its high landmark building is situated near the motorway.

On both sides of the services axis there is housing in large city blocks, which form completed entities as the area is construc-
ted in stages. Schools and other potential public services, leisure and cultural services are located along the park axis.

The inner courtyards of the city blocks are car-free. Cars have been placed in street-like two-level parking facilities as well as multi-storey car parks.