Suurpelto area in Espoo, a Finnish reference scheme for DigiEcoCity, is designed for 10 000 residents and 10 000 work places. It is the most eminent development project in the capital area today, and it is highly accessible and has an efficient transport strategy.

Kookaksi, the centre of Suurpelto is a concentration of diverse activities. Incor-
porating businesses, commercial and institutional facilities with housing that will allow people to live close to their workplaces and services. Kookaksi com-
bines the multiformity of living, working, lifelong learning, public and private services and culture and leisure.

The design of Kookaksi aims at ecologically sustainable solutions using advanced environmental techniques. Digitally integrated highly interactive information systems are utilized to provoke urban solutions enabling efficient logistics, innovative services, new combinations of working and living as well as increasing functional diversity.

Aside from private enterprises the centre also includes university, research and science activities. The aim is to achieve interactive relations between private and public sectors and to cater for life long learning.