The Iso Omena (Big Apple) Shopping Centre with two attached office blocks, three units of flats and the multi-level car park are situated on the motorway 10 km west of Helsinki. The centre offers versatile commercial services, office facilities and flats for assisted living. The aim was to increase the level and quality of services and housing available in the area and increase the prestige of the community, as well as to help create cohesion in the scattered urban structure.

The central market, which is characterised by an undulating glass roof, forms the functional focus of the complex. It also functions as a public meeting place for the local residents. On the lower main level there are two hypermarkets. The upper main level contains specialty stores, cafeterias and restaurants.

The service level is located above the market level and contains among other services a Library, a Customer Service Point for various municipal services, a cinema with three auditoriums, and a chapel.

Provision is made for 2000 parking spaces, 1000 of which are beneath the commercial facilities and some 700 in the adjacent multi-level car park.

The various parts of the complex have their own individual character. The shopping centre and the offices have a characteristi-
cally glass and metal architectural expression. The apartment towers form an exception to this, with plastered brick façades. The façade of the car park is made of silk-screen printed glass.

External and internal lighting was a specific design concern, and Iso Omena was subsequently awarded the Annual Lighting Award in 2001.