With its cable and girder motifs alluding to the sea and bridges, the Columbus shopping centre in eastern Helsinki was designed as one of the landmarks of the new centre of Vuosaari. It unites the area split by a broad street and the metro line. The residential area in the north and the southern part of Vuosaari are connected by the bridge-like shopping centre at this traffic junction.

The shopping centre has two main levels. The upper level, `the market placeĀ“, houses a glass roofed inner street, the middle stretch of which expands into a market place. The market place houses boutiques, cafeterias, restaurants, and services, such as a chapel.

The building is located in the terrain so that only the upper level is entirely visible. At the lower level, on both sides of the splitting street and railway, there are large supermarkets and maintenance spaces. Beneath these there is a parking place extending under the railway and the street.

Structural and technical design is aimed at flexibility and convertibility. The main exterior materials are glass and metallic lustre sheet metal.