The building is made unique by the efficient use of natural light. Natural light increases the comfort of both customers and staff, and results in considerable savings in electrical energy.

Most of the store area is illuminated by natural light. The rooflights, inclined toward north-east, are translucent, whereby they distribute the light evenly inside the store, yet stop excessive thermal radiation and direct sunlight that could cause discolouring and deterioration of the products.

Natural light is supplemented with artificial lighting controlled by detectors. In the summer, the amount of natural light is to a great extent sufficient as such, and also in winter, natural light reduces the need for artificial lighting. Natural light has a perfect colour rendering spectrum and so compared to artificial light, less is needed to create good visual conditions.

The building was designed to form a calm setting for a constantly changing commercial activity. The number of columns has been minimised to ensure maximum flexibility of internal space.