Client’s intention was to refurbish an old theatre building in Stockholm city centre, and build two additional floors on the top of it. The general idea of the proposal was to give surplus value for the use of the building, and to enrich the cityscape paying attention to buildings central location.

The new extension creates a modern addition in the city silhouette, but at the same time it contains a memory image of the original architectural idea of a dome-theme. The new glass dome can be opened with the help of a rail construction on the roof. The dome creates a new landmark for the area especially during the darker seasons when it is illuminated.

The facades of the extension are mainly double skin glass facades, to maximize intake of natural light, and to enable the fantastic views. Double skin fa├žade together with an open central space makes it possible to use energy-saving natural ventilation for the upper floors.

The proposal presents several options for different kinds of use of the premises.